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A lifelong space geek, Anne Wainscott never forgot meeting John Glenn in her early twenties in Ohio.

Since then, she has covered every aspect of the space industry, from U.S. space policy and DoD satellite priorities, to the new space economy and the coming of space tourism.

“Space represents the ultimate in human exploration of the universe: it inspires, unites and pushes the envelope of technology. It’s also the future,” Anne explains.

Experience Highlights

  • A decade writing about how innovators are pushing the envelope in space, from spacecraft and launch to experiments in microgravity
  • Researching the future role of lasercom in space for the ISS National Lab
  • Writing a Congressional position paper on successfully transitioning ISS operations to a commercial model
  • A decade overseeing corporate PR for EMS Technologies, an aerospace engineering company now owned by Honeywell

Leverage Anne to better communicate why space matters in your organization. Capitalize on the world’s fascination with the forces shaping a new space economy and humankind’s journey back to the moon and beyond.


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John Glenn

“We are more fulfilled when we are involved in something bigger than ourselves.” 

John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth

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