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Talking Story with Flight of Dreams Author on the Anniversary of the Hindenburg Disaster

On May 6, 1937 the German passenger airship the Hindenburg disintegrated in a fiery crash in Lakehurst, New Jersey. The disaster killed 36 passengers and 61 crewmen, and became the stuff of legend

The ‘Atlanta Beltline Guy’ Talks Future of Cities in Where We Want to Live

Today, The Writing Well is celebrating Earth Day a few days late with this insightful interview with Atlanta urban designer Ryan Gravel, author of Where We Want to Live: Reclaiming


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Here, learn about Anne’s books and read Q&As from leading storytellers on her blog, The Writing Well.

A multi-genre author, Anne wrote her first book, a health memoir, after losing her mother to smoking, and spotlighted the stories of 19 mothers and daughters.

Her second book, a guide on moving to Atlanta, included interviews with more than 40 residents and community leaders on what makes the ATL unique.

Anne’s currently finalizing her first work of historical fiction, an unlikely love story set in her hometown of Dayton, Ohio, before and after a devastating flood. Anne says the spark for this story was inspired by her grandmother’s life and memories of the flood.

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Anne Wainscott Moving To Atlanta book
Moving to Atlanta: The Un-Tourist Guide (newly updated in 2019) is the ultimate insider’s guide on moving to the ATL. Filled with quotes from residents and city leaders, the Guide has been called a “wonderful resource” for relocating families and “the best guide book of Atlanta I’ve ever read.
Anne Wainscott A Breath Away book
A Breath Away: Daughters Remember Mothers Lost to Smoking tells the poignant stories of families separated too soon from the ravages of smoking, including Anne’s own experience losing her mother. The memoir has earned endorsements from the American Legacy Foundation, the Oncology Nursing Association and the Lung Cancer Alliance.
Anne Wainscott Torrential book
Historical Fiction

Torrential (coming in 2023) opens with Kieran, an Irish seaman and Titanic survivor, starting a new life in Dayton, Ohio, as a carpenter for the National Cash Register Company. At a boarding house, Kieran meets Hannah, the beautiful eighteen-year-old daughter of the boarding house owners. Soon, he must face the demons of his past when a catastrophic flood puts Dayton, Hannah and her family in peril. Torrential is a story of survival, forgiveness and love against all odds.