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Places that Inspire Your Inner Writer: Callaway Gardens

Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center, Callaway Gardens
Pine Mountain, Georgia 

According to Callaway’s website, “nature’s beauty floats gracefully through the air at this glass-enclosed conservatory.”

Home to 50 species of tropical butterflies, this center offers the perfect venue to linger along paths surrounded by exotic tropical plants and fluttering butterflies, or to sit quietly, taking photos and journaling.

I’ve been to Callaway twice — first on a wedding anniversary getaway weekend after Christmas, where my husband and I enjoyed the warm glow of Fantasy in Lights®. These photos were from a second trip –a women’s retreat through my church held in the spring. A major highlight was a stop at this beautiful butterfly oasis!

There is a lot written about butterflies and their symbolism, including this Welsh website devoted to the Butterfly House in Aberystwyth, Wales.

Interestingly, the butterfly symbolizes change, resurrection, transformation, celebration, young love and the soul.

Ron Gagliardi, in his thesis on butterfly and moths in western art and design, wrote butterflies and moths are ‘nature’s canvases with the gift of flight.” 

An apt description of these unique gifts of nature.

Places that Inspire Your Inner Writer: Denali National Park and Preserve

Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska.
Photo by: Thanh Cat

Few places match the majesty of Denali National Park and Preserve, created in 1917. Located near the top of the world, Denali National Park is home to more than six million acres of extreme wilderness and the tallest mountain in North America: Mount McKinley. This magnificent sub Arctic area is slightly larger than the state of New Hampshire, reports Frommers.  Many have found this unique place an inspirational setting for writing. On July 26, a group of K-12 teachers will gather at the park to explore science and writing through a unique professional development program offered by the Alaska State Writing Consortium and Murie Science and Learning Center.