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Wow, I actually did it – I am a “blogger.” It took most of the evening to narrow down what I would call my blog. Given my focus on writing, storytelling and communications, I had tried “The Scribe’s Life,” “The Wordsmith” (of course), and even “Write Now,” only to find that others had beat me to the punch. I am glad I stuck it out and decided on The Writing Well. It’s fitting, coming directly from my favorite writer Ernest Hemingway. As Brian Clark (Copyblogger extraordinaire) puts it so well, “Who better?”

While I am no Hemingway, I hope that my experiences as shared in upcoming postings will provide a perspective on writing well — especially from my unique experiences as a journalist, memoir writer, technology PR strategist and public health writer.

For my part, I am just glad to be a part of a community where everyone can have a voice, a perspective, a story to share. It’s an exciting milestone for me — and I know I am going to learn a lot from all of you who are established in this medium.

Good night.