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‘Yepisodes’ — Video as a Storytelling Tool

My blog seeks to celebrate examples of great storytelling. Without question, the explosion of social media allows many ways to tell your company story. 
One company that’s taken video storytelling to a fun new level is Yepser, a hip, Internet marketing company started 2 1/2 years ago in Atlanta that has grown quickly and now supports the social media presence of just over 100 clients.
Earlier today I caught up with Matt Gardner, Yepser co-founder and dream weaver.  Our discussion focused on a series of videos — dubbed ‘Yepisodes’ — that his team put together and posted on their Facebook page.
Inspired by the hit NBC comedy, “The Office,” the video snippets take you inside Yepser’s offices in north Atlanta to see what really goes on.  Their video treatment is a fresh, fun and engaging way to reach customers and show a lighter side of Yepser’s culture. Gardner agrees.

“That’s us,” says Gardner, of his company’s laid back culture. The videos gave his eight-person staff a chance to showcase their creativity, while providing customers and prospects a unique “inside” view of the staffs’ interplay and sense of humor.

“Our existing customer base knows us and knows our personalities and got a big kick out of it.”

Gardner was surprised when prospects who saw the videos contacted him, complementing the out-of-box approach. “It’s rejuvenated past relationships. Many of our clients says they want to be featured in the next Yepisode.”

With three Yepisodes released, Gardner says more are coming once the busy staff find the time and the right creative spark for the next installment. No doubt, they will take their lead from their fans and customer base who want to get in on the fun. 
For companies still unsure about whether social media is for them, Yepser’s success makes a compelling case for getting out there and taking a few risks. And using video — as the explosive popularity of YouTube attests — is one of the best ways to connect, engage and talk about your brand in a way that gets attention.

 “Social media is a requirement almost in order to communicate with your potential customers and keep your existing customers loyal to your brand,” Gardner says.